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How it Works 


NuiNet sits between your modem and your guest wired and wireless network, protecting devices on the office side and managing Internet access and usage on the guest side.


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FeatureNuiNetReivernetZenbuVoilaSurfSpotCloud TraxIACVistagateHospitality
Anti-Piracy Y N N N N N N N Y (extra costs)
Multiple Device Accounts Y ? N Y (3) N Y N Y N
Credit Card Portal Y (PayPal) ? Y N ? Y Y Y Y
Revenue 100% ? 50%+ ? ? 100% 40% 100% 60% or 100%
Custom Pricing Y ? N N N Y (time only) N Y Y (Not on free)
Rolling Quotas Y (Pro) ? N N N N N N N
Custom Branding Y ? N N ? Y N Y Y
Free Websites Y ? N ? ? N ? Y ?
Email Redirection Y Y N N ? N ? ? ?
PMS Integration Y (Book) N N N N N N N N
Dynamic IP Friendly Y ? Y ? N Y N/A ? ?
Connection Logging Y ? N N N N ? ? ?
Price excl GST 1400 Upfront + 400/y ? 216 69/m 0 ? 0 ? Free or 199+115-200/m





AMG Magazine Article

Read AMG's Magazine article about NuiNet being used at Queenstown's Blue Peaks:

"NuiNet is now in full use at our complex by way of appropriately placed bridge links, ports and transmitters. Any of the 82 motel rooms or apartments can be using up to four devices at any time. Our costs are down, maintenance is minimal; and support from the Nui helpdesk is swift and reliable."

Michael McMillan, Blue Peaks Manager. 

Unlimited Internet still requires Management

The cost of Internet is plummeting.  Unlimited data accounts are on the rise.  One may be forgiven for thinking that Internet Management systems are simply no longer necessary; and that one can safely connect the guest wifi straight into the modem.

Before removing your current system, it may be useful to know that a number of Motels do not charge guests for Internet, but still use NuiNet because:

Unlimited data, does not mean unlimited speed.  If anyone can connect to your wifi it can be abused by those nearby, diminishing the speed and overall experience of the Internet for your guests.  Passwording the wifi offers little protection, as there's nothing to stop guests from passing on the password.  In one case a Motel's wifi password was posted up on a nearby backpacker's bulletin board.

Also, without enforcing a limit (even a soft one), some guests may abuse it, again causing other guests to have undesirable slow downs.  Offering totally unlimited Internet may lead discerning users to suspect that your internet is continually hammered, and they'll get a better more reliable connection elsewhere.

NuiNet provides a firewall between your guest wifi and your office machines, protecting them (your office machines) from intended or unintended attacks by anyone connected to your wifi.

Lastly, NuiNet has Piracy Protection, designed to drastically reduce any chance of you being contacted for breaches of copyright.  In New Zealand and several other countries, the Internet account holder is responsible for the information that goes over it, so it's important that you have some protection in place.


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Custom Branding - Make NuiNet Your Own

"Promote your property, not the Internet System".

When you hand guests a voucher, or they connect to your wifi, they see your logo and property name. It enforces that they are connecting to the right place, they are safe; and when they have a good Internet experience, your property is the place to return to.

Custom Pricing - Sell Internet Your Way

"We don't charge you a fee to gift a guest your internet."

Guests expect a reasonable amount of free Internet, along with not paying exorbitant fees for more. With NuiNet you are not locked into a pricing structure, you can set any price you want. You are in control, and we don't penalise you by charging a fee, every time you sell or gift a guest your internet.

NuiNet is not limited to one type of payment model either. You can put your guests on account, to pay when they leave, or provide prepay vouchers, or allow anyone with a credit card (Pro only) to pay and top up from their room - or any combination at the same time. Choose whatever suits your property best.

keep all your revenue from the internet sales

Piracy Protection - Keep Yourself Safe

"Being safe is as simple as clicking a checkbox and clicking Save."

Several countries (including NZ) have passed "digital copyright laws" that make the internet account holder liable, regardless of who downloads the copyrighted material. In New Zealand, penalties for illegal downloads can be up to $15,000.  However, only the copyright holder can make a complaint and they are not allowed (nor able) to monitor everyone's Internet activity.  So this law wouldn't mean much, except for the development of a technology called BitTorrent.