WebVault(MotelMate) Brochure PDF [61KB]

WebVault(ParkMate) Brochure PDF [61KB]

Interactive Booking Grid

  • Overview of past present and future bookings.
  • Create, edit and cancel bookings directly from the grid.
  • Bookings colour coded for instant recognition.



Accounts & Finance

  • Supports split invoicing.
  • Option to transfer charges between accounts.
  • Optionally create invoices prior to guest arrival.
  • Billing items can be added easily during guest stay.
  • Produces quotes and group bookings.

Intelligent Booking

  • Create relevant and easy to understand reports. 
  • Highlight occupancy rates and financial figures over a time period. 
  • Produces governmental and statistical reports. 





"MotelMate is a very user friendly motel guest booking and register package. We are impressed how easy MotelMate has been to learn to use. MotelMate has brought together the best from other systems and made guest/room management easy."

John & Annabel - Bavarian Motel, Invercargill NZ