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Studying in New Zealand




  • Records the necessary data for student enrolments including travel.
  • Records, interviews and reports.
  • Saves passports and visas images or scans. 
  • Provides student balances and statements. 
  • Manages medical details including insurance.


  • Manages your homestay inspections and police vetting checks.
  • Retains homestay family and dwelling photos to send to parents.
  • Automates homestay payments.
  • Exports payments for uploading to electronic banking.


  • Generates monthly figures and reports, which can be emailed as PDF.
  • Manages funds via virtual bank accounts.
  • Deducts homestay payments automatically.


  • Collates relevant information including agent photo.
  • Tracks and stores signed agreements and contacts.
  • Logs past visits and communications.
  • Sets alerts for future meetings.
  • Manages Agent performance and satisfaction.

Web Based Enrolment

  • Simple online enrolment process.
  • Triggers student and school notification emails on application.
  • Downloads applications eliminating data re-entry.
  • Customisable enrolment template.

On the Go

  • Carry a snapshot of your entire database to update anytime.
  • Beneficial when offsite or overseas.
  • Crucial during emergencies.



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