Vouchers are created in sets.  You can have up to 32 sets of vouchers available at any one time and each set can have up to 500 vouchers. Deleting a set, invalidates all the unused vouchers in that set, which may be useful if a set of printed vouchers are stolen.


To create a set of vouchers, enter the desired amounts into the "New Voucher" table and click "Add". Duration is the online time available once the user has logged in. We suggest this is set to 7 days (or less) for most properties, as there's no point having valid accounts for guests who left weeks ago. Expiry is the length of days that an unused voucher becomes invalid.  We recommend against setting the Expiry too high, as over time unused vouchers become difficult to track - 60 days is usually plenty. Quantity is how many vouchers you wish to make in this set.  There are ten vouchers per printed page.  Price can be left blank, however, we recommend entering in a value even if you are giving them away free, as it gives the impression of value - especially if only the first voucher is provided free.

Voucher sets in the voucher list below, tracks how many vouchers have been used.  They will turn green after the first voucher is used.  Orange when 80% of the vouchers, or 80% of the time before the expiry date, has been used.  Red when all the vouchers have been used or have expired by date.

To view or print a set of vouchers, click the number in the index column of the "Vouchers" list.


All vouchers start with the allocated index number. Used voucher codes are striked through. The "Back" button is provided for convenience and will not appear when you print the page(s). 

The QR Barcode on the vouchers was intended as a convenient method of simplifying access for mobile devices.  However, this proved incompatible with iOS devices and wasn't used even on capable devices.  It is likely to be removed in future.