User Login

The images on this page are scaled screenshots from a mobile device. 

When a customer signs onto the guest wifi, they will be presented with the Splash Page (if configured) or go straight to the login page.

Splash Page

This is an example of what a Splash page may look like.  Clicking the click here link at the top, takes the customer to the login page.


Login Page

Depending on your configuration, a login page will be presented to the customer, similar to the one below.


Note: If you have setup top ups AND Paypal, the top ups will also appear as a credit card prepay option without customers needing an access code or voucher. 

Client Information Page

On successful login the customer is presented with an information page similar to the one below.  From there, the customer can top up (if configured) and view how much they have used.

Note: Unfortunately, on many mobile devices, once the customer successfully logs in, the login screen promptly disappears and the customer only sees the information page as a brief flash.  This isn't a huge issue as once their account is depleted the login screen will re-appear allowing them to top up.  However, if they wish to monitor their usage, or top up before they run out, they will need to manually open their device's browser and go to the page:



Checking Usage

If the customer would like to know what they have spent their data on, they can click their devices data up or down link (they both go to the same place) and the customer will be presented with a page detailing their data usage, starting with their current connections.  Only the device being used can see its own usage, it cannot see where other devices have been, even if sharing the same account.  Likewise, this data is inaccessible to the NuiNet admins - it's a privacy thing.