Timeouts after entering access code

This is usually described as "guests can get to the login screen, but it timeouts when the guests puts in their password. Admin and free devices work fine".  

To date, we have only seen this with incorrectly configured wireless access points. By default, many access points have a guest mode, allowing access only to the internet, not devices on its cabled side.  Unfortunately NuiNet is on the cabled side and thus, logging in becomes impossible. For those wondering how the login screen appears if direct access to the NuiNet is blocked, part of the login process involves intercepting a web request to an external website and sending back a login screen. Thus, from the access point's perspective the login screen isn't coming from the NuiNet. However, the form on the login page, points to directly to the NuiNet, so while you can see the login screen, you can't actually login.

Every device shares the same account

This is usually described as "many guests don't need to login, but they complain that they are going through their usage even when not on site".

We've seen this happen, when a router has been introduced to the network, which has been configured to share out a single IP to multiple devices. As such, the NuiNet sees only one device, the router. Thus all devices connecting to that router are seen by the NuiNet as the same device.  This is usually both a wiring problem and a configuration problem.  On the wiring side, the router will have a "WAN" port that is connected to the NuiNet.  NuiNet should be connected to one of the router's "LAN" ports.  On the configuration side, the router's DHCP server needs to be disabled. Lastly, we've also seen this on an incorrectly configured wireless bridge - it utilised WDS, but needed WDS transparency turned on.

Intermittent ability to login, or login required intermittently

Described as "Some guests can login, others cannot, seems random".  If some devices are receiving an IP other than 172.30.x.x, then either the guests are somehow also wired to the admin side (as well as NuiNet), or a mis-configured router is being used as a hub.  Check the cables ensuring that NuiNet is the only link back from the guest access points to the modem AND that any other routers/switches/access points/hubs on the guest side are not giving out IPs (often called running a DHCP server).

Internet cannot be added/purchased at this time

The above message is displayed to users when the subscription on the NuiNet has expired.  You will need to renew NuiNet's subscription before new users can login or current users can top up.

Some devices can connect, while others cannot

Newer mobile devices automatically detect that they are "captive" after connecting to the WiFi and automatically display a login screen. Older devices may need a little help by opening up a web browser and visiting any non-encrypted website (not https, http is fine), such as . If the webpage appears and not the login screen, either they have already logged in or are using some other internet such as 4G.

If the login page still doesn't appear, confirm that they are connecting to the correct WiFi name. If still not working, try visiting .

Warnings appear that WiFi is unsafe and insecure

Public wifi requires users to connect to the WiFi without any password, in order to present login screens, paywalls or just terms and conditions.  Unfortunately, WiFi without passwords offers no encryption and therefore the traffic can be eavesdropped. This is the compromise one makes to ensure ease of connecting to a public WiFi and is standard practice for nearly all WiFi providers such as airports, cafes, restaurants, etc.  Fear not however, while your WiFi IS insecure, NuiNet provides a firewall, separating your guests from your office computers and preventing unauthorised users from accessing the Internet.

We've had reports that some Samsung users with Chrome installed cannot connect to any public wifi since and update was released.  Forums indicate that one workaround might be: "In Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy > then un-tick 'Safe Browsing'."

Customers claim that they can use the Internet without logging in

In most cases the customer is unaware that NuiNet remembers the device for the duration of the account, and they do not have to login every time they connect to the WiFi.  Other times the customer is unaware that they are actually using their phones Internet and not the property's WiFi. 

It is possible that the NuiNet has been incorrectly connected to the network and guests can still access the Internet router. In such cases, some customers will go straight through without a login, whilst others will be presented with a login screen. The fix is to ensure that there are no cables that lead from the customer side to the office network without passing through the NuiNet.