Tariffs control how the Internet usage is billed to the customer. There is no set limit on the number of Tariffs you can have, but we recommend having only one Tariff, or two if you want to reward certain customer types (regulars, corporates, etc). The + button adds a line to the Tariff table, while the - button removes the last tariff at the bottom.

User accounts receive a copy of each tariff it uses at the time it is added. Therefore, editing Tariffs will not affect the tariffs stored with any current user's account. Editing Tariffs will only affect new accounts, or what current users can top up with.

On Account Tariffs

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Unless Internet access is an optional extra, set your Tariff's Price to zero.  Customers will expect a generous daily allowance of data, which will depend on the your Internet speed and costs. We suggest 1GB that renews every 24 hours, at one hour after your usual checkout time (most use 11:00).  Renewing at login means that the data rolls over from when the user first logs into the account, which has proven less popular than everyone renewing at the same time.  (Saves one looking up when the tariff was activated.) 

Top up Payments decides whether your customers pay for any additional data when they checkout, or are required to make an online credit card transaction before having additional data.  The latter is used predominantly used by properties where customers who do not visit reception prior to departure.  Note: Online credit card transaction requires Setting up Paypal.

Top Up/Prepay Tariffs

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If PayPal is enabled, these are the purchase options presented to the customer when they first connect to the guest wifi network. As such they can purchase internet with a credit card without first requiring an account or voucher code. However, users with voucher codes are also given the opportunity to top up the same way.

The top ups also work for users on account, but the time limits are not applied or displayed.

In the case that an account has more than one data block, the number of devices allowed to be used simultaneously on that account comes from the tariff with the most devices, expired or not.