Create Accounts Manually

New accounts can be setup manually from the "New Account" form.  The number of tariff choices depend on the number of tariffs setup on the Tariffs Page.  Access Codes must be unique for each account.  An error will be returned if you try to create an account with an already in use access code, either in accounts or vouchers.

Accounts List

The accounts page gives an overview of customer activity happening through your NuiNet.  Clicking the accounts tab link causes the page to refresh.

Grey means that while the account has been created no customer has logged into it. Green means that the customer has logged in and is online. Yellow means that the customer has logged into the account but is not currently using it.  Red indicates that the account has depleted or expired, however it can be topped up by either top up tariff or voucher. 


The Name field is populated by the voucher code used to open the account, or the room name if created by a PMS; or chosen arbitrarily when adding the account manually from the "New Account" form near the top of the page.  Hovering the mouse over the name field will display that account's Access Code, in case it has been lost or forgotten.

The Comment field is populated by the name of the first device to connect, if using a voucher, or the text "PMS" if created by a PMS, or chosen arbitrarily when adding the account manually.  Account comments can be edited by clicking on them.

If an account is removed, all currently connected devices to that account will be disconnected.

Account Details

Clicking on an account name provides additional information and control.



Plans list all the tariffs, vouchers and online plan purchases.  The Source can be Voucher, Top Up or Gateway (Top up through PayPal).  "Added By" is the device address responsible for enabling the plan, or "Admin" for admin manual topups, or "Account" for the original on account tariff.

At most only one plan is ever Green, as it is the plan that is currently in use.  This "in use" plan is the one with data expiring the soonest out of the list of unexpired non-depleted plans.  Yellow plans, are partially used plans, and were at one time green.  However, for various reasons, a plan with sooner expiring data had appeared or renewed and therefore took the Green spot.  Orange plans are not "leading" and have used up more than 80% of their time or data.

Account Top Up

Optional top up options that you may have setup in Tariffs will appear on this page allowing you to top up an account manually.


In the devices table you can manually disconnect or reconnect devices.  Additionally, if you have setup "Special Devices" in Config:Device Access, you can select and add them from the drop down menu beside the "Devices" heading.